Mo Mohamed is an autodidact and a visual artist, musician and poet. He was born on Aruba, but has strong roots in Surinam where he currently resides.

As an artist who has always been internationally oriented Mo has build a long track record over the years. He has been and still is hugely influential for Aruba’s cultural scene where he had been active for a more than two decades.  As a prolific painter he held expositions on Aruba, the Netherlands and Surinam. Recent years his work has been displayed in venues like cas di Cultura (Oranjestad, Aruba), in the main street in San Nicholas Aruba and the Art Fair Aruba.

As a musician he has been part of the band Reality founded by musician and composer Franky Douglas. He later founded his own music formation SonFaya2000 with his two sons Moshushu and Takhai Mohamed.

Mo’s work has also been exhibited in Paris.